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Zinwave CEO talks in-building wireless for the enterprise

Scott Willis1Zinwave chief executive officer Scott Willis recently sat down with RCR Wireless for an interview where he discussed in-building wireless market trends and how Zinwave will address enterprise stakeholders’ in-building needs.
Currently, the DAS market is lacking carrier investments, especially when it comes to high-valued customers or in big venues such as airports in stadiums. The limited carrier investments have opened the door for a lot of enterprises to push investments into in-building wireless systems.
During the interview, Willis commented that multi-carrier is crucial for enterprises because they have to be able to server their employees’ needs. This is especially true in today’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends, making DAS the ideal solution.
The only issue there is DAS can be costly. That is why Zinwave has created a cellular-as-a-service business model. Willis compares it to a “utility-based model” like electricity. As he explained it, the key thing from a vendor or DAS provider’s perspective is being able to provide innovative business models to meet an enterprise’s needs.
In Zinwave’s case, its cellular-as-a-service solution can meet the needs of an enterprise as it takes care of deployment and can handle any post monitoring as well as managing any solutions.
“More enterprise customers, especially the (commercial real estate) sector, are taking a hard look at the total cost of ownership of an in-building solution and finding the value in a future-ready system,” Zinwave chief executive officer Scott Willis said. “The cellular-as-a-service model Zinwave offers turns DAS from a capex into an opex and serves the market with the best overall value.”
Willis also laid out the three “F’s”of in-building wireless—all-fiber, full spectrum support and future-ready. As he explained, fiber is, “a tool that we believe will not only meet today’s needs, but meet the future’s needs,” which transitions into the future-ready aspect. Enterprises want reassurance that their decisions in the present will be good three, five and even seven years into the future, according to Willis.
In terms of the third “F,” full spectrum support, the company’s Unitivity DAS supports frequencies from 150 Megahertz (MHz) to 2,700 MHz, which is Willis said is where Zinwave’s focus is primarily on.

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