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The Era of the Virtual Show begins

Publisher’s Message:

Last week Connected Real Estate kicked off what we believe is the first full scale VIRTUAL trade event to bring information and support to everyone who is working from home and unable to travel. I want to thank all of or exhibitors and sponsors for giving us the ability to make this a free event for attendees. I’m please to let everyone know that the event was a huge success from many standpoints- attendance, engagement, content and networking. In talking with colleagues, customers, real estate leaders, wireless pros and others, I have real questions about how soon we will all be comfortable being in a room with a few thousand of our closest friends. For now, we think that virtual is the way to go- and this is coming from a guy who has told people for years that I built my previous construction business on trade shows. Our industry parties were legendary and we met customers from coast to coast- but that has all been postponed for now.

So what’s the best way to keep our momentum going and the information flowing? Use the technology at hand to connect everyone virtually with a great platform and content that people wanted to view and study. The stats tell the story with over 1200 registered attendees and growing, more than 3500 booth views, panels that averaged over 180 viewers per panel and on and on (the event stays on line for another 25 days or so and can be accessed at www.connectedvirtualshows.com). As you know we are focused on bringing our community, wireless, tech and real estate,

Why host an event like this? Because it was important! Because in the Covid era connectivity is more vital than ever! Without all of the ways we have to connect from home our economy would have ground to a complete halt rather than the interruption that it has become. Keep in mind, I am able to communicate with you today. The purpose of the event was to provide practical guidance on how your business and your leadership should be thinking about the path forward by hearing from the people whose thoughts matter to all of us. And we will keep doing it as long as you continue the fantastic support that you have shown so far. If you have suggestions about content for this event, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss them.

Our next event is planned for July 22nd and 23rd and we will be more focused and robust that our first. I hope that you will all consider joining us for this event when we begin registration in early June. If you have suggestions about content for this event, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss them.

I promise that we will continue to bring you the people whose thoughts you want to hear on the topics that are of interest to all of us- of course focused on connectivity and tech. It should be no surprise that two of the most thoughtful real estate leaders that were a part of the event last week, John Gilbert and Chris Rising, both said (and I’m paraphrasing) that tech is critical to CRE leaders but without the proper connectivity it won’t provide meaningful help.

Take that to heart and stay safe everyone.

All my best,

Rich Berliner
Fifth Gen Media

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