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T-Mobile enters TV arena with new streaming service

Wireless carrier T-Mobile announced this week that it’s adding another service to its portfolio—TV streaming. The company will make three streaming services, TVision LIVE, VIBE and CHANNELS, as well as the TVision HUB, a new streaming device, available nationwide on November 1.

“People are ready for real choice and real change in home TV, maybe this year more than ever before,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said in a statement. “That’s exactly what TVision delivers—all at prices you’ll love. You can cut the cord for as little as $10 a month with TVision VIBE. Or if you want live news and sports, you can get it starting at just forty dollars a month with TVision LIVE. That’s TVision, and that is TV done right!”

T-Mobile’s streaming services

TVision subscribers will have three different streaming services to choose from, LIVE, VIBE and CHANNELS. TVision LIVE is the carrier’s primary service. Customers can watch live news and sports in three packages that range from $40 to $60 per month; depending on how many channels they want to have. The VIBE service costs $10 a month and offers a variety of comedy, lifestyle and drama content, on-demand programs and up to two simultaneous streams. Meanwhile, TVision customers can create their own lineup with the CHANNELS service. This option provides a-la-carte streaming services with one bill and can be managed in the T-Mobile app or website.

How TVision works

Customers can stream all of TVision’s services on any of their screens. After downloading the T-Mobile TVision app from the App Store or Google Play, subscribers can watch their desired content on their smart phone, tablet or smart televisions.

T-Mobile also offers an option for subscribers who want to watch programs on their standard living room television. The TVision HUB is an HDMI streaming device (with remote) that allows viewers to add apps like Netflix to it and other stations that aren’t available with the CHANNELS service yet. Users can also stream games and music on the TVision HUB, as well as connect Bluetooth headphones and game controllers. The device also includes voice control via Google Assistant to make searching for content easier.

Users can add TVision services at t-mobile.com/TVision and access the app through their respective app store beginning November 1. The TVision HUB can be purchased online or at T-Mobile stores. These services will be available for Sprint customers later in November.

“The ‘Cableopoly’ holds TV fans hostage, bundling live news and sports into expensive packages with hundreds of other channels that people don’t want, and don’t watch,” Sievert said. “Something’s got to change. And that’s what the Un-carrier does best — force change. Just like we changed wireless for good — today we’re going to change TV for good!”

Joe Dyton can be reached at joed@fifthgenmedia.com.

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