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Montgomery Technologies talk riser management on ‘Connected with Laurie’ Podcast

Montgomery Technologies President Greg Jones and Chief Operating Officer Joe Gaspardone were the featured guests on this week’s installment of the “Connected with Laurie” podcast. Host and Safe-Fi Technologies CEO and founder Laurie Caruso spoke with Gaspardone and Jones on a variety of topics surrounding Riser Management, a division of Montgomery Technologies.

The executives explained why riser management is critical and how Montgomery Technologies moved to the forefront of the sector. They described commercial real estate owners’ connectivity-related pain points and how Montgomery Technologies addresses them, and shared their thoughts on how the industry views riser management and more over the course of the podcast.

“We’re in a new era here with the explosion of technology within buildings and the needs around that,” Gaspardone told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “The natural follow-on is media content that addresses those needs. Podcasts and other media content are critical to giving people a good resource to learn from, to understand and to raise awareness of problems before they just hit you in the face.”

Montgomery Technologies helps ensure CRE buildings are connected

Riser management, the management of telecommunications infrastructure within a CRE or mixed-use office building, is one of the problems Montgomery Technologies helps commercial real estate owners address. The company’s riser management division essentially manages the building’s technology as both an advisor and active manager. This also includes managing the vertical cabling that runs from the building’s basement to the tenant’s space—and that it’s done to code and labeled correctly.

Riser management also entails access screening to ensure every access request comes to Montgomery Technologies, where the company vets, verifies and ensures that every request is specific and from someone approved to be in the building. The company ensures that each requestor has proper insurance and limits their network access only to the locations that are defined in their agreement.

“Our focus is on ensuring the building systems are cyber secure and that they’re all hooked up on a system that’s monitored and maintained 24/7/365,” Gaspardone said.

Getting Connected with Laurie

Listeners of this episode will get an insightful overview of the riser management in CRE buildings and what the process entails. The key takeaway however might be what makes riser management so important and why it’s critical for CRE owners to work with a trusted partner when they enter this arena.

“Technology continues to advance in commercial buildings and having an expert that understands all elements of technology and is a partner for the building is a super valuable resource that helps property and asset managers and building owners make good decisions about the technology,” Jones said “(Working with an expert) gives them a partner that helps them on this journey.”

Montgomery Technologies’ overall understanding of all the elements of building technology helps make the company an ideal riser management partner for CRE owners. As technology continues to advance, it is critical for CRE owners to stay up-to-date on what is happening with the market so they can meet their tenants’ requirements. Montgomery Technologies possesses the national and global footprint in this vertical, making it a reliable resource for building teams.

Additionally Montgomery Technologies’ riser management building services are fee-free. Instead, the company generates its earnings through the vertical cabling, which provides enough revenue to offer these building services at no cost to the building.

“It’s rare that you get a no fee offering that can support the building operation and offload a lot of the day-to-day tasks that involve technology,” Gaspardone said. “What we hear more often than anything is what a relief it is to have somebody else handling those aspects.”

The Montgomery Technologies episode of the “Connected with Laurie” podcast is available now. Catch new episodes every Wednesday, where Laurie speaks with industry experts about trends and topics related to in-building wireless, public safety communications and more.

To learn more about Montgomery Technologies and its offerings, visit the company website or email the company at sales@montgomerytech.net.

Joe Dyton can be reached at joed@fifthgenmedia.com.

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