Friday, August 7, 2020
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What SOLiD’s latest DAS enhancement means for CRE

Cellular in-building and pubic safety infrastructure leader SOLiD recently announced its latest head end chassis addition to its ALLIANCE product portfolio, the integrated ALLIANCE Integrated BTS Interface Unit (iBIU).
The ALLIANCE iBIU will make more efficient use of the rack space and reduce the total cost of ownership. The new design will not only reduce footprint, but by integrating optic modules, it will lower the over cost of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks.

Any measure that can lower DAS, or similar wireless coverage costs, are welcomed by building owners who know that currently one of the biggest selling points for tenants is being able to get service on their devices.
“The fourth utility is overlooked sometimes,” SOLiD sales engineer, enterprise Nisha Sharma told Connected at the Connectivity Expo. “People want connectivity for their cell phones and tablets. If you don’t have coverage, people will leave (a building).”
“We have engineered the iBIU with our customers and the ever-evolving DAS market in mind,” said Mike Williamson, SOLiD senior director, global product management said in a statement. “The iBIU has been designed to reduce overall costs for in-building networks and free up rack space by adding optical modules directly into the chassis, giving users the same capacity as the optical distribution unit that was once a separate box before.”
According to Williamson, what once would take 4RU plus space and then an additional rack unit, totaling six, will be consolidated into four rack units, which results in a 33% reduction in footprint.
“With this innovation, “SOLiD is raising the bar with the least amount of head end space requirement in the industry,” Williamson added.
Addition benefits of the iBIU include Automatic Check Level (ALC) uplink and downlink for each service, acceptance of simplex and duplex feeds from carrier equipment an integratdintegrated AC or DC power supply unit.
“The iBIU solution shows our continued commitment to the ALLIANCE platform for the long term as we launch additional platforms in 2018,” SOLiD president Ken SanfeldSandfeld said in a statement. “We are excited to help our customers continue to enhance new and existing ALLIANCE DAS systems and designs.”

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