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West Virginia becomes the 7th state to opt-in to FirstNet

West Virginia opt-in - Connected Real Estate Magazine
West Virginia has agreed to accept FirstNet and AT&T’s State Plan for a public safety broadband network.

As of Thursday, July 27, FirstNet’s national broadband network for first responders has an opt-in from West Virginia. Governor Jim Justice made the decision to allow for AT&T to build a first responder network within the state. West Virginia joins Virginia, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kentucky, Iowa and New Jersey.
 These states have agreed to allow FirstNet, and its partner AT&T, to revitalize their wireless environments for first responders. This new communication network, intended only for first responder use, will provide an uncluttered network that public safety officials can use in emergency situations.
“FirstNet and AT&T are really stepping up to help West Virginia and we are all grateful for their efforts to expand coverage for our first responders and our communities,” said Governor Jim Justice in a news release.
FirstNet and AT&T aim to improve network coverage in rural areas, open up new job opportunities with the need for new infrastructure, connect first responders with critical information and to create an effective system for public safety.
AT&T and FirstNet’s first responder network has been gaining traction ever since they announced their partnership at the end of March. The partners released State Plans in June and gave state governors 45 days to review them and give feedback. This period will end soon, which means state governors will then have a 90-day limit to decide if they want to opt-in or opt-out of their respective plans. These seven states made the decision to opt-in prior to the conclusion of the 45-day period.
West Virginia’s specific needs will be taken into account by FirstNet and AT&T as they work on implementing this first responder network.
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