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Verizon, Motorola to release updated razr flip phone

Wireless carrier Verizon announced last week that Motorola is bringing back a new version of its razr flip phone. Verizon will sell the phone exclusively, which will cost $1,499.99 and come out in January.

The reinvented razr resembles the previous version but will feature technology not seen in a flip phone before, according to Verizon. The device will look like a modern smartphone once opened. It will feature a 6.2” main screen display that closes completely in half. The outside will have a touch-enabled “Quick View” display so users can react to notifications without opening the phone. Additionally, the device boasts a 16-megapixel camera with Night Vision and all-day battery life with TurboPower charging.

Here’s a closer look at what razr users can expect in this updated model:

Flexible screen technology

The razr uses flexible OLED screen technology and a hinge mechanism so it will close with both sides perfectly flush. The feature will protect the display and creates a thinner and more compact design than the previous model. The razr screen also features a 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio—the same ultra-wide dimensions the film industry uses.

Multiple display capabilities

The touchscreen Quick View feature will let users respond to notifications, take selfies, play music and use Google Assistant without opening the phone. Users can put the camera feature to work by twisting their wrist with the phone closed. The displays can also work in tandem: when a user wants more information or a bigger view, they can open the phone. Whatever was on the Quick View display moves to larger Flex View display.

High quality camera

The razr 16-megapixel camera comes with Night Vision mode that makes photos taken in dark scenes more clear. Meanwhile, the electronic image stabilization feature steadies the shot for better videos and fewer blurry takes. The razr will feature built-in AI (artificial intelligence) that looks for ways for the user to get professional-looking photos.
The razr can be preordered on December 26 and will be available for purchase on January 9.

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