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The Hospital of the Future- Thoughtwire and Schneider Cooperate to Make it Happen

ThoughtWire and Schneider Electric create a Strategic Partnership

ThoughtWire is a Digital Twins provider for the built environment and Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automaton . Schneider and ThoughtWire recently announced a strategic partnership. The purpose of the relationship is to create smarter digital hospitals that can operate seamlessly. The partnership will allow healthcare customers to take advantage of the connected hospital. Customers will have their digital strategy objectives faster using ThoughtWire and Schneider Electric’s suite of solutions as a result.

Working together will allow the partnership to address some of the biggest issues in the way of digital hospitals. Healthcare facilities are currently operated with fragmented information available from different systems. Connectivity between facilities management and clinical operations also lacks. Patient and clinicians need a seamless experience in the hospital environment, evidently, is a huge factor.

How Will This Help The Hospital

“We’ve been working with our customers in healthcare for the past 10 years to orchestrate data from many platforms. Some examples are critical clinical systems, OT systems, IoT devices. To build a real-time Digital Twin that makes it easier for clinicians to have full visibility into patient needs and the entire hospital workflow,” ThoughtWire CEO Mike Monteith said in a statement. “More recently, we’ve seen a need to connect aspects of building infrastructure like energy and environmental data to provide these insights about the care environment back to facilities teams.”

ThoughtWire’s contribution

Working with ThoughtWire will helped the Schneider Electric healthcare facilities customers to benefit the connected hospital environment. Where facilities management and clinical workflow operations come together seamlessly. Each group has the required visibility to deliver optimum outcomes for the patients and staff. Meanwhile, ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin helps Schneider Electric improve patient outcomes with a data model of a hospital’s building systems, clinical and IT systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, workflows and people.

“We’re excited to be working with Schneider Electric on bringing these joint solutions to the healthcare market,” ThoughtWire Chief Commercial Officer said in a release. “This partnership represents an unmatched offering in terms of breadth and depth. Therefore providing the most comprehensive set of capabilities to create truly Digital Hospitals.”

Schneider’s Thoughts

“ThoughtWire’s market-proven capabilities have helped hospitals achieve better efficiency, higher patient satisfaction, and cost reduction,” Schneider Electric Building Segments President Mike Sullivan said. “This partnership will further help Schneider Electric’s customers transform their hospitals and improve the lives of patients, clinicians, and staff.”

“ThoughtWire’s digital twin helps makes sense of data, driving greater insights and allowing us to create smarter buildings,” Rebecca Boll said in a statement. Schneider Electric Chief Technology Officer and also Vice President of Strategy
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