Saturday, June 6, 2020
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T-Mobile is No Fan of Verizon’s 5G Deployment

t-mobile verHIDEzon

T-Mobile Takes Aim at Verizon

T-Mobile is telling anyone who will listen exactly what it thinks of rival carrier Verizon’s 5G rollout.

Not much.

T-Mobile recently created an ad campaign focused on Verizon and its 5G rollout, reports CNET. The campaign, which T-Mobile branded “verHIDEzon” includes billboards throughout the United States, including Times Square in New York, a Twitter account with critical content about Verizon’s 5G pricing and lack of coverage maps as well as a full website that shows, “what Verizon marketing should really look like.”

“Something had to be done,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said on Twitter. “Verizon’s been talking a big game about 5G, charging more for it and not even giving customers a map to find it. Hopefully all of (New York City) (and the rest of the country) now realizes verHIDEzon = Verizon.”

T-Mobile Does it Different

T-Mobile has said it will take an opposite approach—it will not charge more for 5G and it has published coverage maps. The carrier currently has its 5G network deployed in parts of New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland and Atlanta. Meanwhile, Verizon announced last month its 5G network expanded to Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, DC. Joining Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Providence. Verizon also has 5G live in 13 NFL stadiums, according to CNET.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray wrote a blog post titled, “Stop Hiding! A Wake-Up Call for Big Red” addressing the issue.

“If you’re paying attention, you know that’s exactly what Verizon’s pulling on its customers,” Ray wrote. “They’re launching 5G in a few limited outdoor areas of a few cities – and parts of some football stadiums – and charging their customers more for that limited 5G ($480 more per year for a family of four)! To top it all off, they’re refusing to show customers exactly where their 5G is! They call it “5G built right”, but this is SO far from right.”

Nationwide Coverage For All

Ray also acknowledged his belief that 5G needs a mix of all spectrum types. High-band for massive capacity over short distances in dense urban areas, mid-band for coverage and capacity depth. Even low-band for broad nationwide coverage, including rural America

“If regulators approve our merger with Sprint, New T-Mobile will have wide open airwaves across that entire range of spectrum, allowing us to deliver a broad and deep nationwide 5G network that won’t cost customers a dollar more,” he wrote. “Verizon doesn’t have the vision OR the resources to match New T-Mobile’s potential, but you’d never know that watching their ads.”

“They’re hiding behind more ‘launches’ of 5G, hiding behind claims of ‘leadership’ and technical prowess that just aren’t true any longer, hiding behind an unprecedented ad blitz, and literally hiding 5G from their customers by refusing to show them exactly where it’s deployed. It’s time Big Red had a wake-up call.”

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