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Superior Cellular Coverage Depends on Superior Technology: There is a Solution

Cellular Coverage
Have you ever had trouble getting cellular reception in your building?  In the age of the smart phone and bring your own devices to work, cellular connectivity is not optional.  In fact, cellular coverage may be a requirement for your building’s IoT smart building infrastructure or ensuring safety in places like parking structures. Tenants have stated that good cellular signal is as important as water and electricity.  But building materials and things like LEED compliant windows inhibit and block cellular signals. Cellular coverage in your buildings is all about distributing cellular signals to where they need to be.
Over the last decade, there have been tremendous advances in the technology that amplifies the cellular signal from the carrier networks so it reaches the users inside buildings, where cellular devices are used the most. Without adequate signal inside the building, occupants will continue to demand that building owners resolve the problems they are having with dropped calls, poor voice quality, slow downloads and black holes.
An enormous investment in research and development by Nextivity has gone into a new breed of digital cellular coverage technology – the Cel-Fi product line. It has system intelligence and power greater than any other cellular amplification system in its class to uniformly light up a building or campus to provide exceptional coverage – with the ease of installation and maintenance, and total cost of ownership not available with earlier technologies.
For examples of the effectiveness of this technology, download implementation case studies of Cel-Fi QUATRA, the active DAS hybrid that was developed by Nextivity specifically for the middleprise.

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