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SOLiD introduces DAS for C-Band

SOLiD, a cellular in-building mobile coverage provider, recently introduced two new SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G distributed antenna system (DAS) in-building connectivity solutions. These solutions are designed to support C-Band spectrum (3.7-3.98 GHz), with add-on options for the mid-band Auction 110 spectrum (3.45-3.55 GHz). Additionally, the new DAS remote units support the full C-Band frequency allocations, enabling mobile network operators (MNOs) and third-party operators to maximize coverage and capacity to deliver a true 5G experience indoors from day one.

While U.S. Tier 1 service providers that are building out wide-area 5G networks with C-Band spectrum to enhance capacity and speed for a better user experience, network operators need to update legacy DAS systems to support the new bands indoors. While the Federal Communications Commission is making C-Band spectrum available in multiple phases through 2023, the modular ALLIANCE DAS platform supports the fully occupied C-Band spectrum today, providing future-ready coverage capability to optimize return on investment and minimize disruption.

“SOLiD continues to pave the way forward by providing innovative, next-generation DAS equipment that enables network operators to reap maximum benefits from valuable new C-Band spectrum for enhanced in-building connectivity,” said Slavko Djukic, vice president, Product Line Management and Technology, SOLiD Americas. “With full support for the entire C-Band spectrum from day one, as well as multiple power output and configuration options, SOLiD ALLIANCE C-Band DAS remotes provide the ultimate performance and flexibility to meet the unique needs of any building or event venue, delivering a truly differentiated 5G experience.”

Leveraging fiber-to-the-edge

The SOLiD ALLIANCE C-Band DAS remotes can leverage fiber-to-the-edge, as well as the company’s high-power technology, to deliver quality service with faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Additionally, SOLiD ALLIANCE C-Band equipment is available in low-power Fiber2Antenna and high-power Fiber2Coax configurations. These alternatives offer design flexibility to efficiently match legacy DAS deployments’ coverage footprints while compensating for C-Band’s reduced signal propagation.

The ALLIANCE Fiber2Antenna edgeROU 4040 platform includes support for integrated or external antennas, providing 2×2 Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO). It also comes with options to add the new Auction 110 spectrum for overlay deployments or four sub-3GHz bands for greenfield deployments. The ALLIANCE Fiber2Coax HROU 4000 remote has external antenna ports, expansion bays to add amplifiers supporting the Auction 110 spectrum, and the capability to provide single input or 2×2 MIMO in each band.

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