Friday, August 7, 2020
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SOLiD continues to make waves in the industry

Company to use Ranplan’s network, forms partnership with Cheytec.
SOLiD, an industry-leading in-building cellular and public safety infrastructure provider has made not one, but two major announcements recently that are sure to make an impact on the wireless industry.
First, the company announced it will use Ranplan Wireless’ powerful combined indoor and outdoor wireless network planning solution as its tool of choice for projects going forward, according to a company press release.
Using Ranplan Professional, SOLiD will have a flexible and accurate alternative to the legacy in-building design tools it had relied on in the past. Ranplan Professional is the lone all-in-one, planning, optimization and simulation solution for Small Cells, DAS and Wi-Fi Networks that can also deliver outdoors and indoor modeling capabilities. The solution also meets the growing coverage and capacity complexities that 5G and the Internet of Things present.
“One of the major reasons we chose to partner with Ranplan Wireless was the advanced capabilities of its technology and willingness to respond quickly to our needs by adding new features and functionalities,” Lakshmin Thiagarajan, Director, Certification and Design at SOLiD said in a statement. “The hybrid nature of Ranplan Professional also gives us much greater flexibility moving forward as customer project needs shift towards HetNet densification.”
“We are delighted to announce our partnership with SOLiD, which will introduce our technology to major players in key markets,” added Ranplan Wireless CEO Alastair Williamson. “With increasing demand for greater in-building capacity and coverage, demand for Ranplan Professional has been accelerating over the last 12 months.”
The companies will run joint training sessions at VZTUF XII Verizon Technology Users Forum in Austin, TX. The session, “Ranplan Wireless Propagation—Modeling Software Alternative” will offer an introduction to the software with a session on creating and implementing an actual in-building design using SOLiD components to follow. The sessions will continue to run through Wednesday, January 17 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
SOLiD’s second big recent big announcement was it has formed a strategic partnership with Cheytec Telecommunications, a New Jersey-based firm that deploys and operates in-building wireless telecommunications and provides equipment licenses of previously unavailable OEM equipment wireless operators use to power their cellular networks. The partnership will provide enterprise customers and building owners, often referred to as the “Middleprise”, a total in-building wireless solution that will include an RF signal source and a proven, market-leading Distributed Antenna System (DAS).
Currently, enterprises and commercial real estate operators face similar challenges when it comes to in-building wireless connectivity. For example in-building platforms are starting to address the expanding need for bandwidth and connectivity, but are still often limited to a single carrier with no obvious upgrade path for future technologies. Plus, the financial models for investing in in-building cellular solutions aren’t effective, given how expensive on-premise gear can be. These solutions are not designed for buildings of the future and they tend to be underfunded by wireless service providers who have budgetary limitations. In the end, both tenants and building visitors experience poor or no connectivity within their workplaces.
The new Cheytec=SOLiD solution will address these concerns. Enterprises and building owners will be able to deploy the combined solution with base station equipment and a DAS that’s been tested for operator connectivity and designed to support the current building environment and allow for a clear path for future enhancements.
“Middleprise customers expect great wireless service in-building, but they have been slow to deploy based on the CAPEX and OPEX risk levels and the lack of confidence in operator connectivity, SOLiD Americas president Ken Sandfeld said in a statement. “Our partnership with Cheytec reduces the financial risk of middleprise customers and can accelerate installations to provide a complete wireless solution.”
“Financial factors that limit ROI are some of the major factors that inhibit broader and faster deployment of in-building of solutions,” iGR president and founder Iain Gillott said. “Cheytec and SOLiD are addressing the market needs and the middleprise is asking for these types of innovative platforms and solutions.”
“Cheytec and SOLiD have formed this partnership as a result of market expectations for a complete solution including RF signal source and DAS that reduces investment risks and ensures faster and more confident deployment,” said Cheytec CEO Jarrett Bluth.  “We look forward to delivering this new combined offering to the middleprise with SOLiD,”
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