Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Samsung acquires TeleWorld Solutions to expedite 5G expansion

This week, Samsung Electronics announced that it completed its agreement to acquire network services provider TeleWorld Solutions (TWS). The acquisition will address Samsung’s need for end-to-end support in delivering network solutions.

TWS, Samsung’s offerings make acquisition an ideal fit

TWS will operate as wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. The company’s service offerings and customers complement Samsung’s growth among networks infrastructure clients. TWS, which possesses competencies in RF (radio frequency) and network design service, will still serve its existing customers and clients they currently support with Samsung. TWS also specializes in installation, testing and optimization services. Along with Samsung, its leadership team will continue the company business and address the network upgrade cycle that’s going on in the United States.

“The acquisition of TWS will enable us to meet mobile carriers’ growing needs for improving their 4G and 5G networks, and eventually create new opportunities to enhance our service capabilities to our customers,” Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President and Head of Networks Business said in a statement. “Samsung will continue to drive innovation in communications technology while providing optimization services for network deployments that accelerate U.S. 5G network expansion.”

“Everyone at TeleWorld Solutions is excited to be part of the Samsung family,” TeleWorld Solutions CEO Shervin Gerami said in a statement. “The advent of 5G and the amount of new spectrum coming into the U.S. market requires scale and innovation for the next generation of wireless technologies. Joining forces with Samsung will accelerate innovation to help our customers fulfill their needs for network strategy, deployment, and automation.”

Mobile usage, demand for network services reaches new heights

The continued growth in mobile usage has led to the need for new spectrum and network densification. Plus, demand has increased for network infrastructure, design, deployment and optimization services. 5G network builds, network virtualization initiatives, testing and optimization connected to new open RAN architectures have led to this demand. An increased appetite for new enterprise cellular networks has also raised the need for these services.

Samsung’s growing position in the U.S. networks industry and its 5G tech leadership has led the company to collaborate with major U.S. network operators to fulfill 5G network expansion. TWS and Samsung’s collaboration will help customers address a variety of next-generation demands as growth continues through network operator agreements and enterprises look for their own cellular networks.

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