Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Philips Lighting to display LiFi tech at IBcon

When Philips Lighting attends IBcon at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on June 6 and 7, it has two goals in mind: meet prospective customers and partners who are interested in smart buildings and learn from others in the industry about trends, new technology and successful case studies.
“We hope to increase awareness on how connected lighting can not only help to maximize energy use, but drive operational efficiencies and deliver enhanced people experiences,” Signify director of end user marketing Ujjaini Dasgupta said.
This will be the third year Philips will attend IBcon, a comprehensive discussion about the next generation of smart, connected high-performance green, sustainable and intelligent buildings. At the conference, the company will demonstrate and discuss some of the latest innovations in the world of connected lighting such as Light Fidelity (LiFi), according to Dasgupta.
“(LiFi) is a bi-directional, high-speed wireless access to the Internet,” he said. “”It is highly secure, stable, fast and alternate solution where WiFi connection is poor or not available.”
IBcon attendees will also learn about new use cases and benefits with connected lighting whether it is a retrofit project or new construction, Dasgupta added.
To learn more about Philips’ LiFi technology before the show, click here.
Along with the LiFi demonstration, Philips will show some new dashboard features with live energy and occupancy data from around the world. The company will also talk about its newest connected lighting case study at the Smart Building showcase. The case study has already helped its customer CompuCom save $275,000 in electrical labor and wiring due to Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting and digital infrastructure, according to Dasgupta.
For commercial real estate companies, Philips hopes its LiFi technology will get them to rethink how their builds are lit.
“I think sometimes the importance of lighting gets overlooked in a building design,” Dasgupta. “But the fact is that good lighting has the power to completely transform occupant experience from glare control and great aesthetics to more advanced benefits such as location based services and way finding with sensor integration. Lighting can be the perfect vehicle to integrate new sensors that provides an unobtrusive experience with granular data.
“Come by the Philips booth number 803 to find out how lighting can help transform your next project whether it’s an existing space or new building. Sign up for a LiFi pilot if security, stability and fast Internet connection is an important issue in your organization.”

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