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Part 2 of the Connected Virtual Tech Event Runs July 22-23rd

The second event in the Connected Virtual Tech Event series has sold all of its exhibitor booths and sponsorships and is now moving to finish filling all of its panels. The virtual show now moves to the production phase to insure that attendees who visit the event are treated to the best, high quality content to learn, mingle and share. The first virtual event held in April received high marks from exhibitors, attendees and other industry players and sparked the Connected Team to move to Part 2 July 22nd and 23rd. “I’m pleased to announce that John Gilbert of Rudin Management has agreed to moderate our Day One CBRS panel”, said Rich Berliner, the CEO of Fifth Gen Media and the event operator. “this is meaningful so that everyone can hear why this may be a game changer from the building owner’s point of view. Our events are designed to bring forward exactly this perspective. Now we can have owners hear from an owner why CBRS is important”.

Fifth Gen Media announced earlier that OnGo, The CBRS Alliance was the Lead Event sponsor for this show. “We are thrilled to have them with us as a sponsor. Together we are going to make huge inroads in the education of real estate leaders about CBRS, the pathway to 5G and so much more. The show will be about much more than just CBRS with panels on Cybersecurity trends, Public Safety topics, real estate leadership sessions, new IoT products and services and much more”, Berliner explained.

“We will do our very best to fight Virtual Show fatigue that some people have expressed by making our panels exciting, our booths informative and our chat rooms lively. All but one of our panels will be live, which gives attendees the ability to ask questions and provide input on what they want to know”, continued Mr. Berliner, “If we can’t be together face to face right now, I hope that we can continue to provide great content and make it as interesting as possible until we can resume live events”.

Aaron Friedman, Vice President of Operations at Fifth Gen continued, “I work with our exhibitors and sponsors to help them get their message out clearly and directly and without the awkwardness of live events. There is no embarrassing eye contact challenges or finding a booth that’s too packed or completely empty with a virtual show. The ability to either interact with a representative or explore on your own is an advantage here. If you want contact you can have it- if not you can learn without interruption. Our constituents seems to like that aspect of our events.

The Connected Virtual Tech Event will be held on July 22nd and 23rd and is free to attendees. You may register Here

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