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Ookla Acquires RootMetrics from IHS Markit


Here is an interesting question to ponder. How many different ways are there to test wireless networks? Apparently quite a few if this recent transaction is any indication. It appears that Ookla is bulking up on the market for test data by adding another arrow in its quiver. The recent announcement that Ookla purchased RootMetrics certainly adds a great deal of power to their offerings by making drive testing, walk testing and customer data under one roof. Why? Because this makes perfect sense to go at the same problem and provide the best data possible.

“Ookla plus RootMetrics fully enables the network assessment trifecta of crowd measurement, controlled testing and consumer perception—with a sustainable business model that should thrive through the privacy revolution,” said Ookla GM and co-founder Doug Suttles.

The combination of Ookla’s crowd-sourced data which they developed called Speedtest, with the walk testing and drive testing data generated by RootMetrics give the combined company a phenomenal approach to network performance analytics. Their capabilities now include improved data for operators to market, deploy and optimize their networks. Ookla now becomes a one-stop shop for helpful data for network operators.

“Becoming part of Ookla completes the vision that Doug and I shared when we first met years ago,” said RootMetrics CEO Kevin Hasley in a statement. “With our combined experience and expertise we can better help our customers overcome challenges, optimize their networks and create opportunities. I am very excited to see our joint future unfold.”

What difference does all of this make? For the network operators this data is their lifeblood. Knowing where their networks are strong and where they are lacking can make the difference between “can you hear me now” and a lousy or unconnected call and slow data downloads. It boils down to, the more you know the more you can grow.

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