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New Ericsson solutions to boost 5G indoor connectivity

Ericsson recently announced the expansion of its indoor 5G portfolio. The additions include the Ericsson Indoor AIR 1279 and Ericsson Radio Dot 4459 small-cell radio – both initially targeting the U.S. market – and Ericsson Indoor Connect, a support offering for multi-operator and multi-vendor scenarios.

With more countries turning on 5G networks, more attention had been turned towards advanced indoor connectivity in order to create new business. Enterprises and carriers alike will count on mid-band and millimeter Wave (mmWave) spectrum to deliver higher speeds, ultra-low latency, and support massive numbers of IoT devices and mission-critical use cases that require the highest levels of reliability and security.

“The quality of 5G service indoors is equally important to Ericsson as the user experience outdoors,” Jessey Huang, Head of Ericsson’s Indoor Product Line, said in a statement. “We know what a differentiator great indoor 5G experiences are to subscribers, enterprise and industry. Therefore, we want our customers to be able to deliver that – in the best way possible. Ericsson is fortifying our 5G indoor portfolio, making it the simplest and most flexible product range on the market. We deliver a high-performing and dependable solution that is cost efficient and easy to deploy.”

Ericsson Indoor AIR brings mmWave 5G indoor coverage to U.S Market

The Ericsson Indoor AIR (Antenna Integrated Radio) 1279 is the world’s first indoor 800MHz AIR. The solution is designed to deliver mmWave 5G to venues of all sizes and double any current solution’s performance. Ericsson Silicon powers the company’s new mmWave 5G indoor solution, which offers beamforming capabilities and advanced software features. Additionally, Ericsson Indoor AIR offers optimized total cost of ownership and is designed to minimize reliance on new cabling to limit site footprint.

“The competitive products in the indoor space, the most they can do is 400(MHz),” Ericsson Senior Product Manager Roger Galuban told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “We’re very excited to be the first one to deliver this much capacity. From a peak performance point of view, we can get more than four gigabits per second into a single radio, which isn’t something you can do with the sub-6 GHz bands.”

Ericsson Radio Dot 4459 supports C-band and CBRS NR

The Ericsson Radio Dot 4459, the Ericsson Radio Dot System’s latest addition, is also targeted at the U.S. market. It is designed to support Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) New Radio (NR) – the 150MHz wide broadcast band of 3.5GHz in the country – as well as the C-Band spectrum for indoor deployment in the U.S. market.

Radio Dot 4459 marks the beginning of Ericsson’s full support for indoor 5G mid-band rollouts as well as the introduction of new options for communications service providers (CSPs), non-CSPs, or new entrants in the indoor 5G market. Ericsson Radio Dot System products, powered by Ericsson Silicon, are already in operation in venues worldwide. The solution can be found in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, stadiums and residential buildings.

“Tier One spent $80 billion in acquiring (C-Band) spectrum, so they need radios to show off what they’re going to bring to subscribers,” Galuban said. “In the United States it happened in the reverse of everyone else—people got access to the mid-band spectrum to differentiate what the old LTE experience was like, now with this added spectrum.

“Here in the U.S., we opened up mmWave first and it’s fantastic, but not for indoor because you get zero from the outside. You need to deploy these mmWave radios in the building to experience that differentiated 5G experience.”

Ericsson Indoor Connect, the mid-band multi-operator, multi-vendor indoor solution

Finally, Ericsson’s Indoor Connect is a multi-operator, multi-vendor mobile indoor solution in which one Radio Dot System enables several CSPs to deliver 5G indoors on sub-6GHz bands.

The solution enables CSPs to deliver cost-effective indoor coverage with high performance 4G and 5G, as well as legacy 2G and 3G. It simplifies deployment and helps deceases the total cost of ownership. Additionally, Ericsson Indoor Connect allows for faster indoor connectivity deployment—particularly in places where multi-operator support is required such as malls, stadiums, train stations, and larger offices. Ericsson Indoor Connect is available now.

“Providing the best possible and reliable customer experience is always top priority for Swisscom,” Dominik Fischer, Product Manager, 5G & Inhouse Services, Swisscom, said in a statement. “ Our early deployments of the new multi-midband, multi-operator Radio Dot System proves the performance and cost effectiveness of the new 4G and 5G indoor solution by Ericsson.”

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