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Here Comes 5G From Your Cable Company

Facilities-based wireless operator and technology company Wytec International, Inc., recently announced it is ramping up to bring 5G mobile wireless services to cable operators. Wytec owns patented small cell technology that is now recognized as a key component to delivering 5G fixed and mobile wireless services.

Wytec 5G
“Our 5G mobile services, offered through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement, will include a three-option plan designed for cable operators to ‘compete on par’ with U.S. mobile carriers,” Wytech CEO William Gray said in a statement.

How Wytec will compete ‘on par’ with wireless carriers

Currently, wireless carriers are partnering with cable operators so they can offer mobile services to their subscribers. Unfortunately for the cable operators, they are not getting the mobile services at the same cost that the wireless carrier provides it—carriers are marking up the price to make a profit off of the agreement.

Meanwhile, Wytec’s becomes attractive to cable operators because the company brings no competition—just the technology.

“We’re looking at it and saying, ‘Well we don’t have to worry about competition, because we’re not competing with the carrier,’” Gray told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “That leaves us more margin to pass on to the cable operator and let them come down closer to the same cost that a carrier would have. Now they can actually compete on that same level. That’s what we mean by ‘compete on par.’”

Wytec’s brings its MVNO agreement to the cable operator’s proverbial table not looking to go after any retail subscribers. It simply provides a neutral host network.
“Everyone who comes on to the LPN small cell network creates a better wholesale price to the carrier itself,” Grey told Connected. “Everybody gets the benefit and gets to compete at the same level.”

Wytec’s patented small cell LPN-16 is the difference maker

Wytec has been testing its Light-Pole Node’s (LPN-16) unique features since the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the company its small cell patent. The LPN-16 is capable of supporting a robust, “neutral host” dense wireless network, utilizing utility poles as its distribution access throughout America’s cities. According to Wytec, this feature will collaborate well with cable operators due to its existing utility pole access. Working with Wytec’s LPN-16 technology, the company’s MVNO solution includes carrier “roaming agreements” that will allow cable subscribers access to a worldwide mobile network.

“When we put a CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) radio on the LPN-16 along with Wi-Fi 6, we’ve got the best of both worlds as far as the cost of delivering it over a spectrum, because both spectrums are coming at no cost,” Gray said. “When you combine the two, CBRS and Wi-Fi 6, into that phone and you’re close enough to a transmitter, you’re going to see a real 5G experience.”

The company is also close to finishing a multi-test trial in Columbus, Ohio’s Central Business District in order to secure its first MNVO agreement to prospective cable operators in early March 2020.

“Our initial network deployment originates from one of the top ten Tier One providers in the U.S. and will expand accordingly in support of multiple MVNO cable operators throughout the U.S.,” Wytec Chief Technology Officer Robert Merola said in a statement. “We are excited to provide 5G services to the cable industry.”

“The big difference is we don’t have to mark it up to cover our cost or make (cable operators) less competitive because we are not after a retail client,” Gray told Connected. “As we move forward, we start bring that cost down and down and down. Every time we bring in more of our LPN-16 small cell units, we not only offer a better product because we’re able to with a small cell network, but we pass the margin on to the cable operator. That’s how we’re able to do this.”

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