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Geoverse: The Name To Know In Private LTE/CBRS

Geoverse’s 2nd Annual Partner Summit Summary

Geoverse, based in Bellevue, WA, is fast becoming the most recognized provider in the Private LTE network space. One of the reasons behind their trajectory is the solution approach and expanded functionality that their in-building wireless network offers building owners and the enterprise today.

For starters, Geoverse is a part of the ATN International family, a company that owns and operates a variety of service provider networks offering wireless (cellular), fixed broadband, and CATV/video services in the US and abroad for over 30 years. As a result, Geoverse solutions can not only leverage innovations like CBRS, but from the same indoor network, can also incorporate ATNI-based assets like licensed LTE wireless spectrum and seamless roaming with the major wireless carriers. Key network functionality necessary to deliver an enhanced Private LTE service offering without limitations – something many other in-building providers can’t offer today.
This makes the Geoverse Private LTE solution a very compelling offering for property owners and the enterprise. The flexible and easy solution approach, available under friendly economics, and offering users seamless roaming with a clear path to 5G, has already seen first deployments. There is even incremental solution functionality that introduces a new Geoverse transaction platform (GeoTrade) providing an opportunity for the property owners and enterprises that deploy these Private LTE networks to now monetize access to them – again another differentiator with benefits to the building owner or enterprise.

As part of the Geoverse approach to better serving property owners and the enterprise, they often partner with a number of market leading companies to build-out and deliver these turnkey solutions. To help stay ahead of the solution curve, November 7th saw Geoverse host their 2nd annual Partner Summit at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Bellevue. The event saw over 30 different partner companies participate to discuss and share real world examples of what Private LTE and CBRS can now offer today, and to discuss how the Geoverse Private LTE approach is well positioned to address connectivity challenge when backed by a deep bench of partners. According to Frank Destito of RF Connect, “The Partner Summit validated the benefits of CBRS-based private networks to connect business-critical services and applications, including smartphone coverage in buildings that have been passed over by the carriers.”
As a real-world proof point, Geoverse also presented live application demonstrations with CBRS using their own in-house Private LTE network. Across the Summit, there really was some forward-thinking discussion, including case studies on how these networks can serve users and companies in very productive and innovative ways that were almost unimaginable just a few years ago.
Highlighting all these discussions with so many experienced thought leaders from across the industry, it just continues to emphasize and underscore how reliant and necessary a modern advanced network has become to enabling a growing number of aspects of our daily operations – from the simple to the complex, from the personal to the automated. Organizations today truly become at a disadvantage when reliable connectivity is not available. While coverage and capacity for connecting smartphones is something most can easily identify with, there is so much more that these types of networks can do for the enterprise community. No doubt, it will be very interesting to see just how much more the landscape has changed when the 3rd annual partner summit opens in 2020.

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