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Geoverse and CTS Partner to Offer Portable Private LTE Solutions to Serve the Temporary Enterprise

Solution Meets the Need for Robust Connectivity to Operate Temporary Deployments including Large Con

BELLEVUE, Wash. and MARLBOROUGH, Mass., May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Geoverse and Communications Technology Services (CTS) are teaming up to provide portable private LTE/5G networks to better serve the temporary enterprise demand. As a result, businesses that can benefit from short-term facilities, including construction companies, now have access to temporary, high-performance connectivity across building sites, supporting thousands of workers, visitors, and devices without sacrificing performance and functionality.

“As we step further into this age of automation and connectivity, more and more industries want to use paperless communication, computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence to handle high-risk tasks,” said Geoverse CEO, Rod Nelson. “Construction is no different. However, construction sites are highly fluid and temporary environments. Having high-performance connectivity across the site greatly helps with many underlying processes to get a project done safely, securely, and on schedule.”

In the past, locations like these have often relied on Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi is well suited for applications like web surfing or sending an email. However, it has some known limitations when it comes to security, connectivity performance, and application support, all of which are concerns when it comes to these types of operating environments.

Although they are temporary, the private networks are as secure and reliable as their permanent variations. Temporary locations, such as pop-up hospitals combating COVID-19, also benefit from having security to ensure HIPAA compliance, as well as the seamlessness and reliability ensured by these private LTE solutions.

Through this partnership, Geoverse and CTS will provide turnkey, portable private LTE/5G networks for temporary situations where robust connectivity is essential. The dedicated Job Site solution bundle for the enterprise delivers the following benefits:

  • Small cells to broadcast LTE/5G wireless signals across the site
  • GeoCore LTE/5G service platform to provide the necessary performance, security, and service functionality for all users and devices
  • Geoverse SIM cards to connect member devices to the network
  • Friendly economics – simple monthly subscription with a one-time setup fee based on site requirements

The Job Site solution bundle is tailored to the site environment and offers key communication functionality like device security, high-speed broadband, voice calling, E911, PBX, user analytics, and roaming. It is a highly capable complement to the existing on-site Wi-Fi infrastructure, and has the horsepower to interconnect everything on its own. Users and devices on-site will be able to automatically and securely connect to the network, track assets and users, and seamlessly roam off-site while under the domain of the private network.

“Far too often, private LTE and Wi-Fi solutions are seen as competitors. However, they both provide different roles in companies and function best when coexisting. We are very pleased to partner with CTS to help provide high-quality temporary private LTE, soon to be private 5G networks,” Nelson said.

CTS and Geoverse will work together to design, install, and test the turnkey network to ensure that it reaches its fullest capacity. Each JobSite network is individually designed for the location it will serve to meet the networking needs and budget desired.

“Reliable connectivity has really become utility-like in its ability to transform how a business operates, even in highly dynamic and temporary environments like large constructions sites,” said CTS COO Tom McCloskey. “Teaming up with Geoverse to deliver this innovative solution is a win-win, and already there are many use cases that can be addressed: integrated voice and data communications on-site and off, security surveillance, tracking of assets, autonomous machines, and more. The underlying network elements really lend themselves to making this approach a viable reality.”

These JobSites will be rolling out soon in construction sites. For more information on the JobSite initiative, visit www.geoverse.io

About Geoverse

Geoverse is a specialty mobile operator that delivers robust private LTE/5G connectivity solutions to landlords, industrials, and enterprise verticals that ensure more secure, faster, and reliable connectivity. The company’s solutions are interconnected with major mobile carriers, which results in a private cellular network that works double-duty. Both private networking for business applications and connected devices and provide a 5-bar cellular experience for occupants and visitors.

Geoverse is a subsidiary of ATN International [NASDAQ: ATNI]. For over 33 years, ATNI has invested, owned, and operated communications companies and renewable energy assets. With approximately 1,800 employees in seven countries, including 300 colleagues in the U.S., we offer the best connection in the best networks and continue to invest and innovate for a more digital, inclusive, and sustainable society. For more information, please visit www.geoverse.io

About CTS

Communication Technology Services, known in the industry as CTS, is the industry leader and a trusted integrator for all major wireless service providers, having successfully deployed over 9,000 distributed antenna systems nationwide. With three decades of history, CTS is designing, building, managing, servicing, and consulting on DAS projects, large and small, across all vertical markets nationwide. Building upon its robust experience and knowledge in general contracting, project management, and structured cabling, CTS has evolved into the premier provider of services for the wireless industry, including DAS and Small Cell, Wireless LAN, Fiber-Based LAN, CBRS/Private LTE solutions. CTS’ services empower the integration of commercial cellular, public safety, IoT, and other wireless technologies in order to provide world-class communication systems and converged mobility solutions. For more information, please go to www.cts1.com

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