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Digital Electricity Leaders raise $7.4M to bring safe power to connected CRE Industry

VoltServer, inventor of a new form of power called DE (Digital Electricity™), recently announced it raised $7.4 million in Series A funding, supported by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs. The new funding will allow VoltServer to expand its DE offerings at scale and power the digitally connected world in a safer, more cost effective and efficient way than the traditional AC (alternating current) and (DC) direct current electricity.

What is Digital Electricity?

Digital Electricity is the only new form of electricity since AC and DC. DE comprises discrete packets of energy and data and it efficiently runs on cables that are thin, safe, inexpensive, flexible and data-enabled. The transmission is safer because the electrical distribution is broken into packets, which are sent down transmission lines to ensure there are no faults. If there’s a break in the line, VoltServer’s equipment stops transmitting energy.

DE’s transmission process makes it the ideal powering solution for complex and evolving infrastructure systems.

VoltServer’s technology carries enough power to energize a hi-rise building or football stadium and is already installed in over 700 venues. The company plans to continue to expand its technology offerings beyond communications infrastructure to power entire buildings.

“There has not been much innovation around electricity since Tesla and Edison battled it out in the late 1800s,” VoltServer CEO Stephen Eaves said in a statement. “But Digital Electricity™ allows for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, more energy efficient, and perfect for an increasingly digital world. At scale, VoltServer’s technology will make buildings less expensive to construct, operate, and change over time.”

Sidewalk Labs’ believes in DE

Sidewalk Labs joined Marker Hill Capital, Slater Technology Fund, Natural Resources Capital Management, Clean Energy Venture Group, Angel Street Capital and Consiton Capital when it invested in VoltServer, recognizing Digital Electricity’s potential.

“Electricity powers our world, but the fundamental danger inherent in AC or DC electricity makes today’s electrical systems expensive to install or change,” Sidewalk Labs Chairman and CEO Dan Doctoroff said in a release. “Digital Electricity™ is a breakthrough, offering a less expensive, safer and more efficient way to distribute electricity that can make buildings more affordable and flexible. Over time, that can make cities more affordable, sustainable, and adaptable as our needs change.”

VoltServer currently offers DE for Mobile Radio Power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch Power, Mobile Edge Compute Servers, High Speed Communications Power, Smart LED Lighting Power, UPS/Centralized Battery Backup, and DC Microgrid.

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