Thursday, August 6, 2020
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BTI Wireless Launches the Most Advanced DAS Technology to Tackle 5G for Commercial Buildings.

Wireless is obviously not a new concept to modern building infrastructure, but there has never been so many possibilities to deliver greater tenant and visitor experiences with the upcoming 5th generation of cellular networks. However, what does that look like and why is 5G important to the commercial real estate industry?
BTI Wireless
The infrastructure chosen today ultimately determines the experience tenants receive in the future. A surge of technology is on the rise, from facial recognition to improve security features to massive IoT to streamline productivity. By planning ahead for smart buildings that offer smart grid technology, IoT, and green building management, these state of the art buildings will attract a far greater number of tenants and those willing to pay for a higher price point.
Investing in 5G infrastructure today sets those apart and allows those to stay competitive in the future. In order to achieve this, an exponentially greater amount of bandwidth is needed than what current cellular infrastructure can provide.
Fortunately, indoor cellular network infrastructure will rapidly evolve to match Wi-Fi in terms of the physical space on ceilings, but at the same time deliver a 10X factor on bandwidth capacity, through advanced digital radios and powerful edge computing technology. Combine this with an IP connection, much like Wi-Fi, over the building’s existing structured cabling infrastructure and almost overnight we can claim that indoor cellular networks are no longer complicated.
There are very few companies in the world that have realized this practically, with BTI Wireless standing out as a leading player in this 5G evolution. The CrossFire™ Indoor DAS System, exclusively available from BTI Wireless in the US market, has for more than 5 years achieved break-through success with key clients in Canada, Brazil, Europe and Australia.
Following a successful launch at the recent Connect X expo in Orlando, the CrossFire™ Nano Power 2 remote (N2) has captured the attention of the commercial real estate industry and is set for a great future.
Ron Poulin, Vice-President of Sales for BTI Wireless stated, “As the latest addition to the CrossFire™ product line, CrossFire™ N2, offers the most advanced technology in terms of performance and flexibility unequivocally unmatched by competition. This future-proof, 5G ready solution makes for a smooth transition towards 5G, and we’re excited to bring in our 20 years of expertise in the industry to simplify deployment.“
Having seen the product and checked out the impressive features, it is clear that the BTI Wireless team are at the forefront of digital radio technology which re-affirms their 20 year history as a world leader in radio amplifiers, previously upheld with their mBSC analog DAS platform. Now they have emerged as a formidable player in the next generation of wireless distribution technology with radio power classes in the CrossFire™ family extending from 15dBm to 46dBm. While the higher power levels are ideal for outdoor DAS and tunnel deployments, it’s the CrossFire™ Nano Power radios that really excite the commercial real estate industry.
Some of the highly impressive features of the CrossFire Nano 2.0 (N2) are its ultra-wideband capability extending from 360MHz to 3.8GHz on a single hardware platform, the ability to support any band combinations in SISO or MIMO covering both TDD and FDD schemes, and the 8 integrated radio modules each capable of delivering 100MHz of contiguous bandwidth to a series of integrated or external antennas. That translates to a potential for 800MHz of cellular bandwidth in a package equivalent to a Wi-Fi access point. With this product, the future of 5G bandwidth and speed have arrived.

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