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Connected Real Estate attends DisruptCRE, NYC Real Estate Expo

Connected Real Estate Magazine Publisher, Rich Berliner attended DisruptCRE’s fourth annual New York City commercial real estate summit.  The summit was located at Covene’s downtown location. In addition, Berliner and the Fifth Gen Media team attended the NYC Real Estate Expo yesterday. He attended to distribute copies of Connected Real Estate Magazine and mingle with commercial real estate professionals. DisruptCRE owner, Mariel Ebrahimi invited Rich and his team to attend the expo where they co-hosted a series of interviews.

Rich Berliner and Mariel Ebrahimi at NYC Real Estate Expo on April 18th, 2018

There were approximately 350 people at the DisruptCRE event. The attendees were extremely anxious to hear about what was going on in the commercial real estate and technology industries. There were over 1000 attendees at the NYC Real Estate Expo at the New York Hilton.
The advent of WeWork, Convene and others offering “Real Estate as a service” and how they are changing the commercial real estate business was one of the most important topics discussed. The opinion of many speakers was, there is as much office space used today as there ever will be.
The general consensus was, more people are opting to work from their home offices or We-Work-type spaces like Convene. The access to these types of places has people rapidly changing their work habits and where they choose to work.
Additionally, only 70% of companies’ desks are filled every day, so it’s not necessary to build a desk for every employee. Businesses could build only seven desks for every 10 employees. Even if people have to work at a different desk every day, they’d still have a space to operate. They’d have a programmable phone and the ability to access all the office’s services.

“That was a very interesting discussion at DisruptCRE and how the new world order is progressing,” Berliner said.

Berliner attended the NYC Real Estate Expo in Manhattan as well. He distributed copies of Connected to nearly 1,000 attendees and along with Ebrahimi who interviewed and led lively discussions with multiple companies about their businesses and business models. Berliner’s interviewees included Dan George from YIMBY, Frank Maricic from Legend Power Systems, Abe Somani from Leverton, Chris Porto from Persistent Telecom and Vince Soriero from PropertyShark. Also, Marie Lombardi of JMA Wireless sat with Rich Berliner and detailed what JMA is doing in the DAS space and what new things are coming soon.
Berliner also hosted a panel with Strategic Venue Partners Chief Business Development Officer Darlene Braunschweig and TruAccess co-founder Jon Davis.  They discussed the state of wireless technology and the rapidly changing environment. The topics included, private LTE networks and costs associated with installing wireless technology in commercial real estate spaces.
“I consider you two some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry,” Berliner told the panelists. “That’s why I asked you to speak in front of this real estate audience.”

Connected Real Estate is moving rapidly to increase its penetration into the commercial real estate.  Next month, they will be attending multiple shows around the country in order to meet commercial real estate professionals. They will be attending Buildings NY on May 8th and 9th, CRETech in Boston today and DisruptCRE in Chicago on May 3rd. They will also be distributing and speaking at numerous other wireless and CRE events.
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