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Connected Real Estate in partnership with iGR Research, to present upcoming webinar series

Connected Real Estate Magazine, in conjunction with iGR Research will host a pair of webinars in the coming weeks. The first, “Commercial Building Owners: How to Monetize Small Cells and 5G” will take place on Thursday, August 16 from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. EDT. Then on Wednesday, September 19, Connected and iGR, along with signal booster manufacturer SureCall will present, “The Most Economical and Quickest Way to In-Building Wireless Coverage—Signal Boosters for CRE” from 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. EDT.
iGR president Iain Gillott will present both webinars. TeleWorld Solutions Chief Executive Officer Shervin Gerami will also be a speaker during the August 19 small cells presentation.
Commercial Building Owners: How to Monetize Small Cells and 5G will provide a guide on how commercial building owners can meet market demand for mobile capacity and leverage their physical assets to attract digital tenants like small cells, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. This is the perfect event for stakeholders in the connected real estate sector to attend in order to understand how to better position their buildings to monetize the coming wave of small cell deployments.
The instructional webinar comes at an ideal time as the wireless industry is deploying small cells to meet the increased demand for mobile coverage and data capacity—especially inside buildings. The deployment has been slow, not because of technology, but because it’s been a challenge to locate and negotiate suitable locations.
Small cells have been put on a pole, streetlight, building side or some other property location that is near mobile users. This placement takes planning, permission, zoning and permitting, all of which takes time to accomplish.
This is why commercial buildings are so attractive to mobile network operators and their site acquisition for small cell siting. Outdoor small cells are perfect for roof or side of the building placement. Plus, building owners are becoming more receptive to digital tenants and want to turn their physical locations into digital revenue streams.
The Most Economical and Quickest Way to In-Building Wireless Coverage—Signal Boosters for CRE webinar will address how today’s building owners face the need to have wireless connectivity available for their tenants and explore the different options available to provide this coverage.
iGR and SureCall will explain how wireless coverage options can vary, depending on the type of building and tenant, along with cost considerations. This webinar will focus on signal boosters, an economical and efficient way to cover any space and amplify and boost existing wireless coverage inside a building. Signal booster systems can provide landlords, tenants, developers, and any other interested party with a cost-efficient way to have in-building cell phone coverage quickly.
Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How booster signal systems work?
  • Who can install them?
  • What the equipment looks like?
  • What they cost?

Connected Real Estate Magazine would like to thank its sponsors, iGR Research, SureCall and TeleWorld for participating in this webinar series.
To register for the Monetize Small Cells and 5G webinar on August 16, click here.
To register for the Signal Booster webinar on September 19, click here.
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