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COMSovereign covers all the bases for 5G with end to end strategy

There are still ways to play the 5G story with a wholistic pureplay.

There has been so much hype in the press about 5G and so little that the average person can actually use and enjoy, that it seems like 5G is just the wireless carriers way of getting the public interested in upgrading their mobile plans. In reality the 5G shift has started and is slowly arriving for the general public, initially with intermittent coverage and marginal improvements over 4G. It is going to take years for 5G’s reality to catch up with its hype. There is a company out there that is doing its best to bring new and interesting pieces of 5G to the world today including radios, backhaul solutions, disaster recovery and first responder gear, drone delivery systems, and a number of other offerings. Currently the organization is structured with each of these products in separate divisions of the company due to its many recent acquisitions. However it is working diligently to offer these products into a unified, integrated set of equipment that will bring the true potential of 5G to the public in the years to come.

First there was the need to create the vision for all this from Dan Hodges, the Founder and CEO who has assembled all of these seemingly disparate products and companies under the COMSovereign banner. Then there was the challenge of making multiple products that can sell on their own, into an offering that covered much more of the 5G landscape and could provide operators with the necessary tools to create the 5G experience under one umbrella. There are the radios that can carry the 4G and 5G signal and have many uses such as military, campus wide solutions, Public Safety systems. Then there are antennas and other 5G gear to go with the radios. The list also includes the backhaul gear (radios and antennas) that bring the signals for 5G into the core network. Each of these products lived in its own corporate silo when Hodges assembled them but are now all working toward the goal of having the ability to sell products to their customers and a new group of clients for an integrated,
Assembled product line that runs the 5G universe.

It is an ambitious project, but COMSovereign has assembled an incredible team to execute the plan. Dr. Dustin McIntire, the firms CTO is the mastermind behind the integrated product strategy. He has developed a cross-functional team composed of talented folks from the previously standalone entities and is now working on making all cylinders work in harmony. This company seems like it has all the elements and components to be a powerhouse player in the 5G space.

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