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Cheytec, ADRF, discuss partnership, industry trends at Realcomm/IBcon

Connected Real Estate Magazine sat down with Cheytec Telecommunications and Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF) at the Realcomm/IBcon conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday to discuss the companies’ partnership, services and impact on the wireless industry.
Cheytec Telecommunications delivers high performing in-building cellular coverage that can match what carriers deploy themselves through its wireless carrier-approved program. What has set Cheytec apart is its ability to connect carrier grade in-building system in place in a short amount of time. The company has national agreements with the major wireless carriers that enable it to take the standard 18-month plus time frame to install a system and reduce it to weeks or a few short months.
“This is something that building owners can implement right now and we give them a path to see through the technologies that will emerge over time,” Cheytec CEO Jarrett Bluth said.
Cheytec has agreements with Ericsson and Nokia so it can procure the same base stations, radios and other equipment that carriers deploy. These agreements are a big reason why Cheytec has such a strong holding in the marketplace as it can replicate exactly what the carriers would do.
“That is why they are so accepting of the way the systems work and where they are located,” Bluth said. “We also have relationships with a lot of system integrators and a lot of the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers), so we can partner with them and utilize the ecosystem in a unique way.”
When asked if Cheytec is an industry disrupter, Bluth opted to let the market decide that, but did admit he believes the company is currently doing something no one else can.
“We are deploying systems under our model today, we’ve got support from the major carriers who want to see this type of model grow quickly because it enables them to strengthen their network and see a path for future upgrades,” he said. “From a building owner perspective, it enables them to meet the needs of their clients, their tenants. It enables them to differentiate their buildings and provide a service they can’t otherwise get.”
Meanwhile, ADRF is an OEM of in-building wireless solutions that guarantee venues of any size, shape and location can provide reliable connectivity. The company’s partnership with Cheytec is occurring at an ideal time, as there has been a shift in the industry of who is footing the bill for in-building wireless. Typically the wireless operators have been funding the in-building solutions, but they have started to move their capital towards 5G deployments and that does not leave much left for in-building. That means the financial responsibility will lie with the building owners, and Cheytec and ADRF are working together to adapt to that change.
“Really what vendors like us and ADRF are starting to see is the potential enterprise as the building owner customers being the big revenue source,” Cheytec Head of Sales Michael B. Wright said. “In order to satisfy the in-building demand, you are starting to see that being pushed towards the building owner to fund that. Partnering with ADRF allows them to have a comprehensive enterprise product with a direction for how they want to sell. (Plus), we have created a solution that benefits Cheytec that allows them access to the signal source to have a fully functional data system.”
From ADRF’s perspective, it is working with developers and property owners on the commercial real estate and multi-family side as they are beginning to realize carriers are not going to fund in-building anymore. It will be up to them to do the financial heavy lifting. ADRF will be there to help developers who know what needs to be done, but are unsure of how to execute a plan or map out a process.
“(Commercial real estate executives) don’t know all the moving parts, so ADRF talks with them about the solutions we bring from a public safety perspective and the carrier signal perspective,” ADRF Manager, Business Development John Shubin said. “They need help as far as the carrier coordination, who to talk to at the carrier companies and what’s involved in that side of the business. Our partnership makes certain that CRE execs get a fully baked program to solve their issue.”

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