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BAI acquires telecom infrastructure leader Mobilitie

BAI Communications (BAI), a global communications infrastructure provider, recent announced that it acquired Mobilitie, the largest privately held telecommunications infrastructure company in the United States. The acquisition will expand BAI’s business in North America, where the company provides cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity across large infrastructure projects like the New York City subway system, under its majority owned business Transit Wireless. The transaction also extends BAI’s footprint coast-to-coast across one of the world’s fastest growing connected infrastructure markets.

Acquiring Mobilitie also marks a major step in BAI Communications’ growth strategy and supports the firm’s move towards becoming one of the leading connected infrastructure 5G players in North America, as well as globally.

The transaction also brings together two organizations that complement each other well. BAI can immediately extend and diversify its solution and service offering beyond its current global markets, thanks to Mobilitie’s assets and operations across 5G outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure, worldwide credibility in small cell deployment and its work with transit operators across major US cities. BAI can combine them with its expertise in delivering communications infrastructure in dense urban and transit environments. Marrying each companies’ expertise, scale, and infrastructure portfolios will allow BAI to support telecommunications operators and municipalities in the US and its other markets internationally to realize the smart city opportunities that 5G services are offering worldwide.

“BAI’s acquisition of Mobilitie establishes us as a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in the United States and the most relevant provider of public transit wireless connectivity solutions in North America,” Igor Leprince, Group CEO of BAI Communications, said in a statement. “This reflects our ambitions for the US as well as the other markets in which we operate globally and puts us in the perfect position to capitalize on the growing prioritization of connected infrastructure in regions such as the UK and Europe. The scale and strong relationships with large venue operators and mobile network operators that Mobilitie brings fits perfectly with BAI’s existing leadership in connected transit and infrastructure.

“Mobilitie, like BAI, places a high priority on offering technical expertise and impeccable delivery to its customers, alongside its deep commitment to exceptional customer service. This alignment and the complementary fit of our offerings make this an exciting move for BAI and our customers around the world. It strongly positions us to scale and extend the work we are already delivering,”

Mobilitie’s portfolio includes existing agreements to provide wireless communications to the public transit systems in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. The acquisition will also add Mobilitie’s broader portfolio of 220 venues across 39 states, 10,000 small cells across 45 states, and 300 tower sites across 14 states to BAI’s operations. This builds on BAI’s existing success providing neutral host infrastructure in the major subways of New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong, and in Australia with one of the most extensive broadcast networks in the world. It will also support BAI’s expansion in the UK and Europe as it pursues, and wins, significant opportunities.

“We’re very excited about this transaction, which augments Mobilitie’s market impact worldwide. BAI’s significance as a 5G player, together with Mobilitie, will enable unprecedented support of US wireless carriers,” Gary Jabara, Founder and Chairman of Mobilitie said in a statement. “It puts us on a clear, long-term path to greatly accelerate business and help our customers, especially the mobile network operators.” Combining BAI’s connectivity solutions and international presence with Mobilitie’s North American assets, including our nationwide footprint of tier one venues, public transit systems in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, along with 10,000 small cells and thousands of New York small cells that are in and around BAI’s existing assets, makes us better positioned for 5G growth than anyone else in North America.”

The transaction is subject to customary regulatory clearances and is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

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