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AT&T brings 5G, FirstNet Services to Nellis AFB and a Neighborhood Near You

The United States’ major wireless carriers are still racing to be the first to fully deploy their 5G networks nationwide, but in the meantime they have been showing glimpses of what their next generation of wireless can do.

AT&T announced last week its latest opportunity to display its 5G network will occur at Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada. The carrier will provide its 5G services to the base as well as deliver FirstNet—the nationwide public safety communications platform to eligible public safety personnel across the base. AT&T will equip Nellis with 5G infrastructure to support wireless data and voice services that will connect the base’s more than 40,000 Air Force personnel, their families and retirees. The 5G infrastructure will provide wireless high-speed external and in-building connectivity across Nellis’ flight line, facilities, dorms and the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center.

AT&T’s 5G network expected to enhance Nellis AFB’s communications platform

Nellis AFB’s new solution is expected to result in a communications platform that can support numerous technology tools and innovations that can modernize how base approaches its mission. Some of the Nellis AFB use cases AT&T 5G could potentially power include:

• Supporting world-class flight line operations, where mission data is transmitted at high speeds with lower latency from data platforms, sensors and arriving/departing aircrafts to on-ground personnel.

• Enhanced, continuous video surveillance and analytics for increased base security.

• Using augmented and virtual reality capabilities to provide better virtual, geographically distributed training for Virtual Test and Training Center.

• Managing inventory and aircraft schematics in real time.

AT&T will bring FirstNet to Nellis AFB as well

AT&T will also deliver FirstNet capabilities throughout Nellis AFB for eligible first responder and public safety personnel. FirstNet is designed to improve communications between city, county, state, federal and tribal public safety professionals. FirstNet is also advancing public safety communications with critical capabilities such as priority and preemption to help keep critical communications connected during emergencies.

“We’re honored to equip Nellis with a comprehensive communications solution built to support innovative services such as 5G and FirstNet,” Mike Leff, Vice President, AT&T Global Public Sector said in a statement.

What this could mean for CRE

AT&T’s 5G approach is based on updated network security standards that will provide improved encryption protections for wireless communications. The carrier’s updated security features are expected to include an enhanced ability to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, as well as protect subscriber identities, network access and device authentication.

For CRE owners, these improved security measures can serve as a strong selling point to prospective tenants—especially businesses that work with sensitive data that must remain private. Tenants will have peace of mind knowing any information transmitted over the building’s wireless network is secure, while CRE owners can attract, and retain, tenants with a wireless network that does not sacrifice privacy for speed.

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