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Achieve Deployment Efficiencies with Scalable Shared Infrastructure

With increased network densification for capacity and coverage benefits driving convergence to neutral host shared infrastructure, network owners need to install networks with high bandwidth capacity as well as scalability for new bands or mobile network operators to be added to the site in future. The rising utilization and allocation of mid-band spectrum for capacity means the neutral host infrastructure should provide a viable route to leverage future band allocations for capacity improvement. The site not only needs to be upgradable, but, also should be able to achieve that in a feasible and cost effective manner while meeting performance metrics. The nice thing is that neutral host network designers and owners do not have to tackle these obstacles alone. This article will describe how to achieve efficient shared infrastructure deployments by taking advantage of modular point of interface solution.

An upgradable network design for a multi-operator site is vital as typically not all tenant contracts are in place before the site is commissioned, however, flexibility can be challenging and expensive with a fixed configuration requiring complex, labor intensive rip-&-replace or re-design. Additionally, the intricacy of injecting new bands after commissioning a site can make managing appropriate levels of site Capex and Opex spending onerous for the site owner. Deploying the network with a modular solution that guarantees progressive addition of mobile network operators, and reduce the field upgrade complexity, can subsequently aide in driving down the associated operational costs and improve return on investment for the site. New spectrum bands are being allocated for licensed and shared utilization by operators to meet capacity demands of wireless networks. For instance, in the near future, blocks of CBRS (3550-3700 MHz) and C-Band (3700-4200 MHz) will be auctioned for cellular wireless networks. Thus, a neutral host site needs a smooth migration path to exploit new spectrum assets for its tenants when required. Lastly, the importance of excellent RF performance on capacity cannot be overstated. It is imperative to select multi-operator solution that continues to deliver optimal performance KPIs, while reaping operational efficiencies. Thus, an upgradable network design can empower neutral host networks to proactively be capable of future upgrades either for new spectrum or new tenant.

Microlab’s Modular Carrier Combiner (MCC) platform provides the advantage of addressing the challenges with neutral host deployments. MNO licensed spectrum specific combining cards for the MCC platform allows commissioning the solution with just the lead MNO and simplifying field upgrade, when a new tenant joins the infrastructure by adding the required card. MCC platform severely minimizes the complexity and operational costs with plug-&-play design that can be rapidly installed and commissioned in desired adaptable configuration. In addition of MNO specific cards, MCC platform streamlines future injection of new allocated bands in deployed infrastructure for capacity improvement, protecting the investment in the shared infrastructure for longer. MCC platform also provides the advantage of pre-approval by MNOs for aiding in easy approval and addition of new tenants. Microlab is a relied upon partner by MNOs and major neutral hosts for RF and microwave solutions for better system performance to gain maximum capacity and coverage. For more information, go to

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For over 70 years, Microlab is a leading RF & Microwave solutions provider for wireless communication networks. Microlab high performance passive components are relied upon to deliver the highest quality, low dissipative loss and prolonged low passive intermodulation (PIM) in compact form factors to meet the existing and emerging demands of indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and capacity improvements. Active solutions from Microlab include SMART Passives for real-time public safety DAS monitoring and GPS repeaters for network synchronization. Whether you are seeking lower cost deployments or better system performance with smaller components, Microlab can provide readily available, cost-effective solutions that are widely utilized in public safety, commercial wireless, and military applications.

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