Friday, May 29, 2020
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Future of 5G Among Highlights at Mobile World Congress

Fifth Gen Media was fully immersed in the mobile industry this week when it attended the second annual GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas conference in Los Angeles.
The event, located at the Los Angeles Convention Center, is a thought-leadership conference that features high profile executives that represent mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from around the globe, according to the conference’s website.
Mobile World Congress Americas took place over the course of four days—from September 11 through September 14. The conference focused on five major event themes—Innovation, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Everything Policy, Media & Entertainment and The Network—and each discussion centered around one of those themes. The Internet of Things (IoT), automotive and health were among the key industries discussed during the conference.
The breakout discussion topics covered everything from what is next for 5G, the legal and regulator considerations for rolling out Internet of Things (IoT) products, spectrum policy updates for 5G and a keynote talk about 5G as XaaS (Everything as a Service).
Keynote speakers included Idealab founder and chairman Bill Gross, Los Angeles Department of Transportation general manager Seleta Reynolds, Vubquity CEO Darcy Antonellis and former NBA star and Turner Sports broadcaster Reggie Miller.
Among the conference highlights, the GSMA issued a report, “Intelligent Connectivity: How the Combination of 5G, AI and IoT is Set to Change the Americas.” The report highlighted how the region will benefit from the “intelligent connectivity” era, as well as the fusion of high-speed 5G networks, artificial intelligence and IoT. Interviews with senior representatives from mobile operators that included AT&T and Sprint comprised a portion of the report, which highlighted the sectors that could benefit the most from intelligent connectivity such as manufacturing, transportation and entertainment.
According to GSMA Intelligence, there could be 1.3 billion 5G connections by 2025, which would cover more than 40 percent of the world’s population or about 2.7 billion people. The Americas region would account for more than 260 million 5G connections—or 20 percent of the global market.
“Intelligent connectivity will have a significant and positive impact on individuals, industry and society, marking the beginning of a new era defined by highly contextualized and personalized experiences,” GMSA General Director Mats Granryd said. “Augmented and virtual reality will change the way we watch live sports and music concerts, drones will deliver packages to our homes, while virtual personal assistants will manage our lives for us. New 5G networks, AI and the upscaling of the Internet of Things will change the world, intelligently connecting everyone and everything to a better future.”
Mobile World Congress Americas continues through tomorrow, September 14 with breakout sessions from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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