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Charter lauds FCC mid-band spectrum proposal, says it’s still on path for providing 5G

Charter not interested in Sprint - Connected Real Estate Magazine

Charter not interested in buying Sprint

Charter kept its name in the 5G networks conversation when it publically praised the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry that will look to identify underused mid-band spectrum bands and redistribute them for commercial purposed, according to FierceCable’s Daniel Frankel.

The company said the FCC’s decision to inquire about how to best used mid-band spectrum between 3.7 GHz and 24 GHz will be crucial for businesses like Charter who are working to develop wireless technology to deliver ultrafast, low-latency broadband for its customers both efficiently and effectively on its company blog.

Charter is currently testing licensed small cell technology in the nearby 3.5 GHz band, which will put it in the path to giving its customers the coveted 5G connectivity. It also expects the tests will assist it in determining how its network can be used to offer multi-gigabit wireless broadband services to business and homes that are in more rural parts of the United States that to this point are harder to provide service too.

The company’s support of the FCC’s decision also serves as a message to investors that it is working to move to a converged wireless future on its own. It comes several days after Charter rebuffed an overture from SoftBank to merge with the Japanese tech conglomerate’s U.S. wireless holding, Sprint. 

Announcing it’s experimenting with 5G is nothing new for Charter; in May, company chairman and CEO Tom Rutledge said Charter was experimenting with 5G wireless technologies and said small cell connectivity to the MSO’s network is “our future and our current state.”

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