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Why I Publish This Magazine

Rich Berliner

Who in their right mind starts a print magazine in this day and age? Sure, a digital publication, a newsletter, a blog, YouTube videos – but a full color print magazine? Maybe I’m crazy, but I saw a niche for CRE types to hold something in their hands and read how to find qualified, competent help to navigate the communications maze in their buildings. Yes, we have all the digital and social pieces too, but the magazine is our Flagship. Your riser is full? We have a company that can help. Bad cell coverage in your space? We have plenty of folks to help you. Need to know how much Fiber to bring in for the future of 5G? Not a problem, lots of companies can go over your options. Whatever help you need, you can find in our current or prior issues. These are pros who have done great work for other CRE firms and can do it for you. Without our print edition, I honestly feel that many of our readers wouldn’t get to see these firms. After all, people do still read. The next time you see our magazine on your seat or in the show bag at an event, think to yourself, “what’s new in communications tech that I need to be aware of?” Make no mistake, there’s a lot more than 5G coming and many of these technologies will be here way before 5G becomes a reality. As a matter of fact, it looks like Apple may not have a 5G phone until 2021. What does that tell you about this over-hyped future technology?


One of the items that I’ve wanted to accomplish since I started this company was to have an Advisory Board of real CRE stars and very accomplished communications pros. I’m pleased to say that we now have an esteemed leadership group in place. I was sheepish to ask people to join us until we were at least a few years from inception and well-known around the CRE space. I thought it was interesting that the response I heard most from the people we asked was “I would be honored”. For an upstart in this space to get that kind of response is pretty amazing and humbling. We now have a group of eleven people that have accepted, leaders such as Sandy Jacolow from Meridian, Saleem Baksh from Silverstein, Don Boos from JLL, Nick Ramos from Verizon, and Nick Stello from Vornado. We’re also thrilled to have Adrian Berezowsky from BirchCo, Dave Kimball from Sodexo, Tim Moynihan from SOLiD, and Rusty Stone from Sweet Harmonics (he was previously with Camden Properties), and Lee Brathwaite from Apex Building Group, as well as several others joining shortly. In keeping with one of our key beliefs, we have a number of prominent women as part of our Board, including Darlene Pope from WeWork, and Christen Heiden, the Chairwoman of our Advisory Board.


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