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AI Makes Your Building a Smart Healthy Building

Envision returning to work soon, to a Smart Healthy Building and using an app on your smartphone to open the door, hands-free. Artificial Intelligence...

Redefining Smart Buildings

If you ask ten people for a definition of a “smart building,” you will likely get ten different answers. It all began back in the early 90s, when BACnet ushered in an era of open protocol building automation that made building systems more intelligent and set the stage for future integrations. In the mid-90s, a smart building was known as one that had high speed broadband – and in the early 2000s, the introduction of in-building wireless gave way to the idea of a fully “connected” building. These technologies provided the foundation for data collection, aggregation, integration, automation,

Learn What it takes to build a smart city and the futuristic innovations that exist within

Listen as Laurie talks with Ken DiScipio, from Tavistock, on what technologies exist in the smart city of Lake Nona, FL and why people...

Smart Landlords Provide Tenants With Smart Buildings – ANS Advanced Network Services

A reliable in-building wireless network has quickly become a commercial real estate building’s top attraction outside of its location. Today’s building tenants operate and...
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