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How to choose a system integrator to install cellular coverage and public safety communications...

Any occupied building, whether new construction or older, requires good cellular reception and public safety communications. Commercial building owners need to deal with these requirements at some point, either in response to tenant demands...

Maximize C-band Coverage and Capacity in 5G Networks

The highly sought-after mid-band spectrum balances coverage and capacity characteristics, establishing itself as a vital player in the global rollout of 5G. To increase mid-band availability, the FCC has been transitioning the use of...
American Tower

American Tower to Acquire Coresite, CyrusOne goes private with Help from KKR, GIP

The Data Center Space get hotter than ever It appears that this may be a great time to be in the Data Center space if you are looking to cash in on your investments. This...

Why Opendoor is going big in iBuying market as Zillow drops out

The iBuying (instant buying) industry has become a crowded, competitive one of late—in fact it’s become competitive enough that real estate marketplace company Zillow recently announced it was stepping off the field altogether, The...
electric vehicle

How can office and apartment landlords provide charging for all those electric vehicles?

Commercial real estate owners are no stranger to meeting current and prospective tenants’ increased demands. During the last few years, those demands have revolved around reliable in-building wireless connectivity. There’s no question that’s a...

Playing the Metaverse- How important will VR/AR be to the landscape?

If you have been watching and listening to the discussion of Facebook’s transition to META and seen how they are demonstrating their technology, all of the messaging has been showing AR/VR headsets. If you buy...

Wireless Carriers Pause their 5G Buildout over Safety Concerns

Wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon will have to wait another month to deploy their new {C- Band} 5G frequencies, The Wall Street Journal reports. Both carriers had their sights set on a December 5...

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Advancements in Essential Public Safety Communications for Certificate of Occupancy and Tenants

Building owners are required to exercise due diligence in providing a safe environment for tenants. This process begins by examining numerous checkpoints that must be carefully overseen to avoid potential liabilities. These include providing good signal coverage for the...

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