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Cisco launches Meraki 5G gateways with T-Mobile

Companies partner to deliver simple and scalable business Internet

Digital communications technology company Cisco and mobile carrier T-Mobile recently announced plans to offer Cisco’s Meraki 5G cellular gateways for fixed wireless access (FWA), the MG51 and MG51E.

The release addresses key pain points for businesses. Wired broadband often comes with long and uncertain installation timelines, restrictive bandwidth plans and inconsistent nationwide availability. The Meraki solution will allow businesses of all sizes to create more satisfying experiences for their customers with a simplified, scalable and reliable network, according to the companies. T-Mobile’s 5G network and Cisco Meraki’s cloud-first platform will power the network managed services.

“We have crossed many 5G milestones and world-firsts with Cisco and today is no exception as T-Mobile is the first to offer this cutting-edge Cisco Meraki technology,” Mishka Dehghan, SVP, Strategy, Product, and Solutions Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group, said in a statement. “This marks another significant achievement in how T-Mobile delivers to businesses the fastest and simplest way to scale 5G business internet anywhere.”

How Cisco Meraki Networking and T-Mobile 5G will work together

The Cisco Meraki MG51 and MG51E cellular gateways will provide a new, 5G-powered, cloud-first way of doing wide area networking (WAN). The solution’s full-stack software-defined branch platform will allow T-Mobile for Business customers to leverage the cloud-native Cisco Meraki on the wireless carrier’s 5G network.

Same-day connectivity, resilient WAN, lower latency and stronger performance are among the key capabilities the T-Mobile managed service will provide based on the Cisco Meraki platform. Users can count on quickly connected branches and zero-touch provisioning as well as even lower latency than 4G connectivity previously offered.

Regarding security, the Cisco Meraki platform is expected to provide leading network security and SD-Branch capabilities. Offerings include Cisco Meraki Auto VPN, firewall, traffic shaping, threat protection, content filtering, and native security protocols such as WPA2-Enterprise.

“The future of connectivity is wireless, and Cisco and T-Mobile are helping customers across all industries realize how 5G wireless technology can transform their business,” Masum Mir, senior vice president, Provider Mobility, Cisco Networking, said. “Together, we are leading the new era of 5G, helping businesses from small to large with simple, secure and reliable connectivity solutions that help them go fast and grow fast.”

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