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ADRF launches new public safety repeater

The DAS and ERRCS provider’s latest addition to its public safety repeater portfolio will help enhance communications for first responders.

When first responders enter a building during an emergency, there aren’t too many factors more important than that they’re able to hear one another as they make their way through the property. Uninterrupted communication between first responders could literally be the difference between life and death in a lot of emergency situations.

Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF), a pure-play Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems (ERRCS) provider understands the importance of flawless first responder communication. The company continued its quest to show how important it with its latest commercial release—its new PSR-78-8527 0.5W Public Safety 700/800 MHz digital repeater. The solution is ideal for small-to-mid sized buildings and for lowering building owners’ total lower cost of ownership. The PSR-78-8527 can also enhance first responder radio communication in small to mid-sized buildings, which can be critical during emergencies.

The latest addition to ADRF’s PSR series supports every 700 and 800 MHz public safety frequency band, including FirstNet. The repeater also complies with the latest IFC and NFPA code requirements. Its digital signal processing (DSP) filters help eliminate interference and allow band selectivity. The product also supports up to two non-contiguous wideband filters for both 700 MHz and 800 MHz public safety frequencies through ADRF’s web-based graphical user interface, which the user can control remotely.

“There was significant demand from current and prospective clients looking for a lower power repeater that supports public safety communication for their small to mid-sized buildings,” ADRF Direct of Public Safety Dennis Burns said in a statement. “The 0.5W repeater not only satisfies this need, but rounds out our support of all North American public safety frequency bands and various output powers for buildings of all sizes.”

The PSR-78-8527 Repeater’s additional features include alarming output to supervised circuits for antenna, amplifier, AC or DC power supply, batter and charger failure, NEMA 4 rated enclosure, supports FCC part 90 Class B wideband repeater designations, full-range of pass band filter options from 3 MHz to 18 MHz and up to 85 db of gain and up to 27 dBM composite output power.

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