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Unleashing the Economic Benefits of Mobile Broadband

Broadband is economic fuel, and wireless broadband access is an increasingly vital form of telecommunications. To ensure widespread, fair access and a competitive market environment, thoughtful regulations that promote efficient, timely deployments and encourage wireless broadband investment by the private sector are key for cities to achieve lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with wireless carriers and network infrastructure providers.
A recent informal survey of various municipal officials, municipal trade associations, wireless infrastructure companies and deployment experts showed that there is an inconsistent base of knowledge about wireless infrastructure on the part of municipalities and their representatives. Wireless industry stakeholders have a strong desire to cooperate and collaborate with municipal officials on infrastructure deployments, including towers, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells.
Numerous questions were cataloged and distilled into the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) advanced by municipalities (see Appendix). To promote understanding of the economic development benefits and some of the technical aspects of mobile broadband infrastructure, The Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Innovation & Technology Council (ITC) has developed this report to begin to answer these frequently asked questions from municipalities regarding such infrastructure and its benefits. This report is part of a larger effort by WIA to educate its members, municipal trade organizations and municipal officials to support collaboration and understanding among interested parties and promote mobile broadband network investment for the benefit of citizens, businesses and local jurisdictions.
*Read the full Whitepaper on the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s website: https://wia.org/resource-library
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